SD-Branch Solutions for Retail Industry

In the digital era, technology brings rapid changes to the retail landscape. Whether it is to enable physical store and ecommerce integration, store security, reliable mobile payment, or to stay in sync with enterprise cloud resources, a fast and agile network is key to a successful retail business.

Peplink offers a wide range of easily managed wired and wireless SD-WAN products for retailers of all sizes to keep their branch networks running smoothly. With a simple setup utilizing wireless SD-WAN solutions, retailers can greatly enhance the reliability of WAN bandwidth at a drastically lowered monthly data cost, while gaining the flexibility to quickly add branches to any location any time. Retailers can also offer tailored experience, loyalty programs and customer insights through Peplink’s easy-to-use, cloud managed Wi-Fi access points and software UI.

What are your Challenges in Retail Connectivity?

  • Integrating data centre, call centre, stores and ecommerce into a seamless single network
  • Provide instant and reliable bandwidth in locations that wired line cannot reach

Peplink Captive Portal

Peplink’s AP Controller, a software-based AP management tool built into all Peplink Balance and select Pepwave MAX routers, lets you manage Peplink Access Points under your network and build a custom captive portal for your business through an intuitive interface. Setup is fast and access points are detected automatically, giving you immediate control over configuration, usage, alerts, user insights and much more.


Balance 1350
Balance 30 Pro
AP One AC Mini

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Empowering Online Learning

Seamlessly deliver online lectures and digital teaching content over a high-performance and scalable network.

To cope with new realities from pandemics, schools must be prepared to deliver online teaching content and lectures through a camera. Having a stutter-free video stream that enables lag free interaction is crucial to keeping students engaged. These technologies depend on reliable, secure and scalable networks. Peplink SD-WAN has a full range of solutions to deliver what campuses and schools need at a fraction of the cost of traditional WANs.

What are your Challenges in Education Connectivity?

  • Keeping classes stutter-free

            Class time is precious, and schools must ensure low-latency and reliable delivery of teaching content and online lectures, whether from the school campus or the teacher’s home.

  • Keeping IT costs low

            Modernizing the school network requires significant investment in fast internet connectivity and new network equipment, and the bill can add up quickly. Peplink offers high-performance and scalable solutions at highly reasonable pricing.

Feature Product:


  • Combines the bandwidth of 2x LTEs for fast and unbreakable connectivity out of the box
  • Minimum user set up and configuration required
  • Ideal for instructors that do not have access to reliable wired internet

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